Chair Message

Promoting and supporting employee well-being is at the heart of our purpose to this conference, as better working environment
and working lives have an effective impact on well-being programmes which can deliver mutual benefit to people,
organizations, economies and communities.

When people are happy and well, businesses can thrive andsocieties flourish. We believe that work should do more than meet our basic financial needs and contribute to economic growth; it should also improve the quality of our lives by giving us meaning, purpose and contributing to our overall well-being. The fast-changing world of work and the fluctuating demands it places on employers and employees means that our grasp of health and well-being needs can never stand still. It needs to evolve constantly to understand the impact on people’s health and well-being. Therefor, we are conducting the 8th GCC Wellbeing Conference to explore the latest trends and practices in wellbeing, specially those related to the employees and the work environment. We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

Dr. Moamer Gashoot
Conference Chair

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