Who We Are

Sahara Is an international student recruitment agency for education and training based in the UK. We work with different educational and cultural backgrounds. Education has been recognized as a platform for the exchange of cultural, intellectual and commercial benefits between two countries.

Advice and Counselling on Course selection

Our experienced education counsellors can help you find and compare institutions and courses most suited to your goals and needs. Then we will coordinate your study applications so you can relax.

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“Educating the world to make a Difference”

Sahara is a professional”recruiting and training company providing students and parents with current information about studies offered globally. Sahara Services offer information about the selected destination, the universities, programs, admissions, accommodations and student Visas. Sahara was established by Dr Mikey the Chairman of this company, the chairman is highly qualified from the UK and held Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)., MA, BA, PG Cert in Education (MA), Fellow in Higher Education Academy UK and Certificate of Doctoral Supervision. with a longstanding reputation as one of UKs leading education agencies. “Our Head Office is in Bournemouth, UK and maintains excellent contact with the Admissions and Academic sectors of the institutions we represent. These relationships ensure our clients receive the best possible service and enable us to advocate on behalf of our clients when the need arises. Students can complete our Assessment form in order to assess their eligibility to study abroad

“Chairman’s Message”

Over years Sahara Student services has been a leading international student service provider assisting students from all over the world to explore new education opportunities. Our vision has always been to create a one-stop station for students where they can find the support they need in all of the areas associated with studying abroad, including accommodation, supervision, and various other student services. Our recruitment services have always been offered free of charge to our students, and we strive to ensure their progression within their course beyond their enrolment and towards the completion of their study.

Dr M. M. Gashoot